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How long will my area rug last?

Carpet durability is generally determined by the material and the construction of the rug and the amount of traffic in a space. By carefully considering where the area rug will be placed and how it will be used, you can anticipate its longevity.

Will my area rug fade?

In areas with high sun exposure, some fading may occur. Consider the space in which you will place the area rug. Most area rugs will provide years of vibrant colour that do not fade under normal light conditions.

Is an underlay necessary?

We strongly encourage the use of an area rug underlay to protect your area rug from abrasion, impact and cleaning. A quality underlay can add years to the life of your area rug while providing additional safety and acoustic benefits.

My area rug has just arrived. It appears to be creased. Do I have a problem?

During shipping, many area rugs develop creases of the pile which gets compressed. These creases usually disappear within a day or two.

What to do when a problem occurs?

Please contact immediately the dealer where you bought your area rug. His professional expertise will help you solve the problem.

How to clean my area rug?

Carpets receive a lot of dirt, sand, dust, various spills and foot traffic. Vacuuming an area rug with a good machine will make sure your carpets remains beautiful for a long time. It is the primary defence against dry soils that can quickly build up on area rugs.

It cannot be stressed enough: "Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!"
Removing spills: see our section about stain removal and deep cleaning.

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